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Check out our websites and social media areas for information about publications and obas / disaster camps:

If you think you have enough information, you can contact:

Contact my assistant first, then make a phone call.

There are 3 different ways for publication pack and oba / disaster camp participation:

1. Bulk book purchase

2. Superior Support

3. Material supply support

Material supply support:

You will support us by purchasing the materials we need for our studies and preparations. In return for this, a publishing package or oba / disaster camp participation is given as a gift. You can find out by asking for information about which materials you will buy. Who are you going to ask? To my assistant, whose contact information I gave a little above. If anyone wants to get a publication with the provision of materials or join the obas / disaster camps, hurry up. Because there is a specific list. This option will be removed when that list is completed. Moreover, it is a much easier, practical and affordable method compared to bulk book purchase.

Little Note:

Those who look at someone else's mouth and do business are more stupid than them. If people had minds, they would have read books and improved themselves. There are billions of Muslims who read the Qur'an, but they do not know what the verse they are reading tells. There are many who spend their whole life as nothing. If you are a smart, believing, honorable person, you should show that you are different from those who live self-consciously and arbitrarily with herd psychology. Anyway, isn't man's main goal in this world to "separate from those who are in a bad direction, correct his line and direction, reveal his difference and intellectual - practical difference? You cannot be ordinary and exalted at the same time. You get a phone call; you look at a thousand features. Why? Because you consider yourself worthy of the "best". Why shouldn't you think like this about spiritual, mental and practical issues as well? Consider yourself worthy of the best so that you reveal your value as a human being.

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