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Towards the book of Nibiru

I'm talking to a sponsor. He owns a big company himself. If he accepts, Nibiru will buy the first 10,000 (ten thousand) copies of my book (have it printed and distributed) and distribute it to my followers for free. He will put his advertisement in the book. If there is a deal after that, another 10,000 (ten thousand) will be free. He just called and they said they could get up to 50000 (fifty thousand) pieces to be delivered to all of my followers. German English and German will also be able to print it. We hope to complete the book by June 2024.. We'll see.. My book will not have a wife and the like again. It will probably be about 1000 pages. Depending on the situation, then 2. and 3. we can also prepare the volumes.

I can also send it to my followers in foreign countries in Digital Format (PDF), and I will send the Printed Book in bulk to various countries and distribute it with our people there. I want the Nibiru book to reach people's hands in different countries as well.

We will give priority to those who receive my Salvation Guide book, those who manifest themselves on my websites and social media areas. Those who show their interest and support are the ones who will benefit first. And also to those who show interest in our documents and obas.. To those who send and/or send promotional articles from our book to people who are active in the media, social media, business world, public institutions.. A lot of followers who promote us and our book on their social media accounts.. If possible, we can even have a 15-minute internet chat with people who have a lot of followers. So they will announce it to their followers as well. I want the Nibiru book to reach only serious people who are my followers. I don't want everyone to have this book.

I hope there will be at least 3 books before Nibiru arrives. Of course, we will also have other document studies. These will be Bedside Guides for those who love knowledge and those who love their lives. The most useful works of the last 2000 years, with the exception of the Koran. Because when Nibiru comes, it will reduce the world's population to 3-5 million, my books are an indispensable, primary, most important resource for those who want to be among the rest.

If there are others who want to sponsor and support, we can also take them into consideration separately.

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